Nova Fantasy beginner guide and tips

Nova Fantasy beginner guide and tips
Apr 2023

Nova Fantasy is a role-playing game full of Fantasy adventure with a fresh pixel style. The game is developed by Excptional Global, developers of Dunk City Dynasty, Dead by Daylight mobile, and Ace Racer. The game is packed with a fantasy world full of magical creatures, powerful bosses, and exciting adventures. Gameplay is based on a fast-paced intense battle theme, making exploration so important to complete quests and win rewards. PvP modes help to team up and progress more easily. Intense gameplay of Nova fantasyPlease enable JavaScriptPlenty of features, intense battles, a beautiful storyline, thrilling PvP fights, massive personalized fashions, and interesting rewards make the game more engaging. Players can control five characters at once. Cultivation of roles advances the gameplay quickly. Multi-level Profession transfer is another great feature that increases the hype of the game.If you are new to this mythical game and want to learn about all the fantasy fastly, so you are on the right page. Here are some beginner's guides and tips, which you can follow to improve and advance your gameplay.

1. Strategic Use of Items and Skills: "In-review"

The game offers a good variety of new items and skills which can help you to beat the beast. Players must use all these special skills and items with a proper strategy to get the maximum result. Wasting these skills and using all the items with a mess in timing could be harmful to players. Strategic use is crucial for taking down all the bosses and enemies quickly.[photo1]Team up and win, increase the competition by joining guilds

2. Utilize consumables strategically:

Consumables like potions and buffs can help to boost your performance in combats. A maximum of pro players save these consumables for the right time. They know the moment when these consumables will make the maximum impact on their gameplay. For example, the best time to use these consumables is during a boss fight, or firing a difficult encounter. These game-ch

angers can help a lot.[photo2]Exciting PvP Battles to test your skills.

3. Use crowd control tactics:

In Nova Fantasy, multiple enemies can attack you at once. Basically, the game pits you against them. Players can use crowd control tactics to avoid this pity situation. Stunning or freezing enemies can help to be advanced from your enemies for a moment in every combat. It can help to take down all groups of enemies quickly and efficiently. Learning to control a crowd of enemies can easily boost your skills throughout the game.

4. Maximize your equipment and abilities:

Maximizing and powering up your equipment and abilities increases the power and effectiveness in combat for all your rare skills. Basically, it needs the investment of time to use and upgrade all the equipment which involves all the upgradation of gears and skills which exactly suits your playstyle.[photo3]Control multiples in every single fight


Nova Fantasy is a game, which offers thrilling adventure, quests, dangerous boss fights, and exciting rewards in a single world full of magic. Bright graphic and smooth gameplay makes the fun double. An interesting storyline draws players into a world of fantasy and adventure. Customization of characters using various classes, and exploration of a vast mysterious world of wonders gives a totally new experience among all other RPG games. Mastering all the skills, utilizing tactics, unlocking new areas, and uncovering secrets help all the players to progress in the game.Surely, this game has hype and can be the best game of its genre. You can get this game from Google Play Store .Also read: Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Guide For Beginners To Get Started.